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Use our new what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor to craft and present your writing just as you want. Italic, tab and white-space preservation for indented layouts – your choice. Features include auto-save, edit undo-redo, preview, and pdf or hard-copy printing. Have a play around with the buttons to see what they do, and check out the Tips section below.
Classic Submission Form
It may be that you yearn for the old school Ad Hoc experience, or perhaps the editor doesn't work on your particular mobile device. Either way, not to worry. Here's a button to make things how they were.
Whichever way you go, you'll still enjoy the same chance of winning. Which brings us to the business at hand.
Some Simple House Rules
Your fiction must have a title; put it in the 'Title' box. The body of your work must be 150 words or less and use this week's prompt word.
  • be original
  • be anonymous
  • don't be offensive
Using ALL BLOCK CAPITALS for your title or author name means rejection, so don't do it. After that, the formatting is up to you.
  • Paragraphs:
Use Tab to indent without a line space like this, or block with a line space like this. But don't be afraid to experiment, as long as it works.
  • White space:
Using the WYSIYWYG editor means all white space persists when your piece is published. Which is great, as long as no hidden stray 'spaces' have sneaked into the body of your fiction. Use edit » select all to highlight them for deletion.
  • Trailing white space:
This one's even sneakier, and won't show up using select all. You need to move your cursor down to the very end of whatever you've put in the body. If your cursor isn't happily blinking next to the very last word of your fiction, then you've got trailing white space. Delete it.
  • Pasting work into the editor:
Best to steer clear as it can lead to all manner of formatting problems. Either write your work straight into the editor and format it there, or if you do want to paste from .docx or .odt, use the Classic Submission Form.
Take Note
What you write here may be published and put to a public vote. Not all submissions are published. If your fiction is not published, try again next round.

And by the way, the little grey buttons top and bottom right will hide this introduction. Enjoy.

Fiction Validator

Triple tap on the 'Validate Fiction' button to ensure your submission. If there's anything other than a blue word count in this box, your work will not submit.

Public Details

While in competition, your name is published under our list of contributors. Should you win, or if we create an anthology at some future point, your name and social media contact information will be published with your piece. You can use a pen name or alias if you wish. Social media contact information is optional.

Contact Email

We never publish this. We only use your email to send you your prize if you win.

Your Agreement

To complete your submission, you must agree that:
  • You are 16 or over.
  • Your piece doesn't breach anyone's copyright.
  • You only make one entry per round.
  • Ad Hoc Fiction can publish your piece royalty free.
  • Ad Hoc Fiction's decisions are final.

Final Sanity Check

Make certain you have
  • filled in the 'Title', 'Name' and 'Email' boxes correctly
  • a blue number showing in the 'Fiction Validator'
  • ticked the 'I agree' box
After pressing 'Send', wait a few seconds for your acknowledgement to appear here. Please be patient, at busy times your entry may be in a queue. You'll also receive email confirmation of your entry.
Enter our free weekly flash fiction competition for a chance at winning a £1000 prize. You write fiction in 150 words, we publish a long list of your work, and a public vote decides our winner.

To start you off, here’s a prompt word:


Your piece must include the prompt word.

Expect this to close 17 December at 4pm UK time. When we close, that’s when your fictions are published and public voting begins. That’s also when submissions open for the next Ad Hoc round, and our last round winner is announced.

Good luck.

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