Snow Crow : Bath Flash Fiction Volume Six

The sixth yearly Bath Flash Fiction Award anthology contains 136 flash fictions, all 300 words or under from the three rounds of the Awards in 2021. Inside, you’ll find heart-felt pieces about the state of the world, others that focus on the intricacies of relationships with friends, family and lovers. The writing style often surprises and there are many exciting experiments with form. It’s an excellent and varied selection of stories by writers from all over the world.

“After reading through the long list, I was reminded why the anthology is a gift to anyone who loves to read flash fiction…Some pieces drew me into the world of the story right away with a compelling first line or memorable detail. Others sneaked up on me, starting out quietly then surprising me with a turn that left me thinking, thinking, thinking.”
~ Charmaine Wilkerson, judge of the February, 2021 Award and author of How to Make a Window Snake, Ad Hoc Fiction, 2017.

“You encounter risky, raw stories that promise to leave you changed; love-at-first-sight stories full of confident verve; ones that have an allure through their use of language; quietly persuasive stories, confident in their low-key power; there are stories to admire for their elegance and beauty, and ones that raise a smile with their quirky charm.”
~ K. M. Elkes, judge of the June 2021 Award and author of All That Is Between Us, Ad Hoc Fiction 2019.

“All the stories here would find applauded homes in magazines… pieces that take the risk to step out on to the high wire… dreamscapes and dystopias, unheard perspectives and hidden inner dialogues, reworked fairy-tales and school play rebellions, the unexpected significance of custard, an earthquake on the page.”
~ Sharon Telfer, judge of the October 2021 Award and author of The Map Waits, Reflex Press, 2021.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-915247-00-1; 133mm x 203mm; 156pp

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Season of Bright Sorrow : David Swann

After her father is jailed for murder, a young girl is re-housed with her mother in a crumbling resort. There are terrors here: tides and quick-sands, also a strange boy who wanders the marsh. But when the girl meets an elderly beachcomber who has known heartaches of his own, she senses that her fortunes could turn like the tide. The tide that rushes in faster than a horse, bringing life – and sometimes taking it…

Illustrated by Sam Hubbard

‘This collection stands out for the rhythmic storytelling and the variety the reader encounters in these small fictions – told in fragments, in lists, in long breathless sentences, in repetitions, in sharp and believable dialogue. There is great care here, and yet the stories spill from the page seamlessly… A superbly designed set of stories, from beginning to end.’
~ Michelle Elvy, Judge, 2021 Bath Novella-in-Flash Award.

‘Season of Bright Sorrow is a little miracle. David Swann takes a boarding house, a boy, and a bay; a girl and her mum; a scattering of glimpses and gaps; and he gives you nothing less than the universe. There’s warmth and wisdom, here. Heartbreak, profundity, and humour. And beautiful drawings, too, by Sam Hubbard. It’s a short book, and it’s absolutely full to the brim with love.’
~ Edward Hogan, author of The Electric (John Murray, 2020).

‘Season of Bright Sorrow is by turns dark and foreboding, life affirming and hopeful. Each flash fiction is unique and haunting, and together they reveal our human urge for connection and certainty. Swann’s characters possess you instantly and we cannot help but enter fully into each strange and beautiful life.’
~ Karen Stevens, author of Writing a First Novel (Palgrave, 2014).

‘In a series of poetically precise and illuminating flashes, this novella explores how one girl, Lana, begins to learn how to live in a world full of loss. David Swann finds a specific language for a specific landscape, and, in doing so, connects with universal themes of grief and hope. It’s beautiful. And it’s funny, too.’
~ Bethan Roberts, author of My Policeman (Vintage, 2012).

‘Dave Swann’s portrayal of childhood brims over with wisdom, warmth and wonder. The coastal settings are so achingly desolate, the characterisations so astute, idiosyncratic and compassionate throughout. Season of Bright Sorrow feels note-perfect and yet it’s full of wildness and wilderness. There is an unforgettable magic at work.’
~ Michael Loveday, author of Three Men on the Edge (V Press, 2018).

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-29-2; 133mm x 203mm; 122pp

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The Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2021

2021 has been marked by lockdowns, loss, love and making connections through glass screens and online platforms. The stories here were born of these times and there is a dark vein running through them but, ‘yet there is great beauty and humour too – the flip side of our human coin. The winners of this year’s Award all demonstrate radical compassion, diverse perspectives, and truly extraordinary voices.’

2021 Judge, Norah Perkins, from literary agency Curtis Brown

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-912095-31-5, 133mm x 203mm, 168 pages.

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Kipris : Michelle Christophorou

“Michelle Christophorou’s Kipris is a moving, lyrical tapestry of life and death on the island of Cyprus. This author’s debut historical fiction novella delights the reader with unforgettable characters who are brought to life with their stories of myth, magic, tragedy and love. The reader is thrust into the drama of the generations, spanning four decades, taking us from the mountains and sea to Liverpool and back again. Christophorou shows us, in these delicately-wrought stories, how resilience and love are what shine. I marvel at how each flash works as a stand-alone story and how together, they bloom into one masterful whole. Want to fall in love with the flash-novella form? Look no further.”
~ Meg Pokrass, author of Spinning To Mars among many others, and series co-editor, Best Microfiction.

“Despite its brevity, this compelling novella tells an epic story of a family’s struggle, in the face of political upheaval and intolerance, to maintain their indestructible love for place and each other. This is an important, timely story and Christophorou’s evocative, gorgeous prose makes it an immersive, emotional, heartfelt read.”
~ Jan Kaneen, author of The Naming of Bones

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-36-0; 133mm x 203mm; 76pp

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One For The River : Tom O’Brien

A boy drowns. The tragedy rips a family apart and sends ripples through a small town. Choices made and not made haunt those left behind. They grapple through grief and anger, searching for a way to continue. Tender, funny, spare and warm, One For The River is a story of struggle and hope.

“Spare in style, this small set of pages resonates with the complexities of an entire novel”
~ Michelle Elvy, author of the everrumble

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-33-9; 133mm x 203mm; 86pp

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The Listening Project : Ali McGrane

A boy lost to his family; a young girl growing up without her brother. This is a beautiful story of grief and the way it changes us. It’s also about tuning in, and learning to hear, as the title suggests, both outside and inside worlds. Moving across generations, and sometimes navigating delicate moments and thin ice, this novella takes us through a family’s sad story, but also rebirth – in more ways than one. Musical and rich in tone.
~ Michelle Elvy, author of the everrumble, Bath Novella-in-Flash Award judge.

A finely woven, beautifully observed work of art. A journey of rediscovery, of (re-) learning to listen to more than soundwaves, listening to images, to memories. Keeping faith with love, learning to walk with grief. I absolutely loved this book. It made me weep, it made me smile through tears, the prose made me insanely jealous – and rather proud to know the writer. Unforgettable.
~ Vanessa Gebbie, author of The Coward’s Tale.

Not just a remarkable story of someone experiencing a scientific miracle, but an exploration of other kinds of deep listening. The dynamics of relationships, of grief and memory, the suffering of others, physical landscape – all are observed with a keen intelligence in this novella. Ali McGrane sculpts her flash fictions like poetry, and makes us listen more closely to the world.
~ Michael Loveday, author of Three Men on the Edge.

A tenderly wrought narrative of loss—Imogen’s struggle with hearing loss and her family’s struggle to cope with the long-ago death of her older brother Arnie. Through gorgeous, affecting prose and inventive forms, Ali McGrane creates a quiet space—seemingly absent of sound—where the reader can ponder what it means to truly listen. This novella-in-flash is one to savour.
~ Sara Hills, author of The Evolution of Birds.

From the opening sentence, this is a masterclass in combining the beauty of poetry with the insights of memoir and the narrative drive of fiction. Through a playful variety of flash fiction forms, Ali McGrane throws you into the lived experience of her characters. You’ll emerge enriched, as though you’ve spent time living, and listening, as somebody else.
~ Stephanie Carty, author of Inside Fictional Minds.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-27-8; 133mm x 203mm; 114pp

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Small Things : Hannah Sutherland

Tender, brittle, ultimately shattering, but also full of hope and the possibility of redemption. Hannah Sutherland writes with economy and precision – and love.
~ Nicholas Royle, author of London Gothic & publisher at Nightjar Press

Small Things is a beautiful meditation on what keeps us alive when we lose the things we love. Sutherland weaves between narrative voices with tenderness and empathy for the human condition, guiding her characters through humour, happiness and heartbreak with disarming sincerity. In this, she captures the dizzying gravity of everyday life—the way it breaks us apart and makes us whole in our quietest moments and our deepest expressions of love. With insight, charm, and conviction, Small Things leaves its reader facing a hopeful world, feeling a little less alone and a little less afraid. 
~ Leonie Rowland, author of In Bed with Melon Bread & EIC at The Hungry Ghost Project

A heartbreaking, visceral novella with a unique and powerful voice. The reader becomes so deeply attached to the characters that you want to reach into the pages and shake them into action or warn them of the tragedy that awaits. A thundering, gut-wrenching story full of raw emotion and beautiful prose. This is a shining example of Sutherland’s talent.
~ Rachael Fulton, shortlisted for the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award 2021

In a few deft strokes, Sutherland draws us easily, but deeply, into the world of Small Things. Her use of voice is phenomenal; at once raw and rough, but also touching and tender. I read this in one breathless sitting and challenge anyone to do anything else. Small Things is an exquisite example of how much can be achieved within the form – evoking strong emotions of heartbreak, love, loss and ultimately friendship – and has rightfully earned its place within the growing novella-in-flash genre.
~ Laura Besley, author of The Almost Mothers & 100neHundred

A beautiful story of loss, told in a way that surprises you. The moments are captured with subtle storytelling, and the heart shines with all the small things between them. These stories hold sharp dialogue and sometimes uncomfortable encounters; these feel like real people building real relationships. Friendship and love resonate in these pages, and the ending is both surprising and perfect. And Kit, Kit Kit, is at the centre of it all. Exceptional storytelling!
~ Michelle Elvy, Bath Novella-in-Flash Award Judge 2021

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-41-4; 133mm x 203mm; 84pp

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The Death and Life of Mrs Parker : Jupiter Jones

A theory expounded by Heidegger is that time is a series of ‘nows’, each one always already the subject of a flash of experience, and all hurtling towards the finitude that defines experience.

When Mrs Parker begins to feel most peculiar, an ambulance is called, and as the paramedics set to work, she wonders if that will be the end of her, there, at The Oriental Dragon surrounded by strangers forking up fried rice. As her life hangs in the balance, she considers her heart, and reviews some of the ‘nows’ of a life richly lived and almost always taken for granted.

‘Set in the structure the title suggests, this novella brings the reader into the moment of Mrs Parker’s demise and then, with swift moves and snappy dialogue, takes us through her life (moments both special and mundane), all while the ambulance lights flare and the compressions are counted. A life lived, a life revived, a life lost: there are many wonderful moments in this clever set of stories.’
~ Michelle Elvy, author of the everrumble and the other side of better

ISBN 978-1-912095-98-8; 133mm x 203mm; 90pp

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Hairy on the Inside : Tracy Fells

Hairy on the Inside is sparklingly clever, very funny, poignant sometimes and sharp as a wolf’s incisors.
~ Vanessa Gebbie

A funny and irreverent monster mash-up, with love in the mix, too, and a serious message about how to be the real you.
~ Michelle Elvy, author of the everrumble

In this original, witty and irreverent novella-in-flash, Tracy Fells sprinkles her skilful writing magic over a group of extraordinary housemates.
~ Amanda Huggins, author of All Our Squandered Beauty

The Young Ones meets An American Werewolf in London. Beautifully written and extremely funny!
~ Tim Craig, Winner of the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction

ISBN 978-1-912095-43-8; 133mm x 203mm; 80pp

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The Tony Bone Stories : Al Kratz

“A strong and sure narrative, this lively set of stories explores truth and fiction, the line between reality and make-believe, and the way one story will influence the outcome of another. Rich in layers and confident in voice, the writing is witty, humorous and charged – and leaves the reader with a delicious set of questions to ponder, without being overly ponderous. It’s a romp through Tony Bone’s world – the good moments (he has a girlfriend!), the sleepless nights, the trip to Vegas – all the while working alongside his, and the narrator’s, existential crisis. Tony Bone has to exist, yes, but there must be a reason; as we learn here: you can’t just take someone from a news story and create a character to bring to your writing group, right? The narrator must build Tony – and plausibility – before our eyes. What a fun and rewarding exploration of the relationship between character, narrator and reader, and a reflection on possibilities, down to the very last marvellous line.”
~Michelle Elvy, author of the other side of better and the everrumble

ISBN 978-1-912095-39-1; 133mm x 203mm; 70pp

£9.99 GBP

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A Family of Great Falls : Debra A. Daniel

A FAMILY OF GREAT FALLS is a trip back in time, a story of love and loss and family, a perfect gem of a book. Debra A Daniel makes you smile and yearn, breaks your heart and lifts you up.
~ NY Times Bestselling author Ann Hood, The Knitting Circle and The Book That Matters Most

Debra A Daniel is a natural story teller. I was immediately drawn into A Family of Great Falls and involved with the characters’ lives. Beautifully written with humour and heart, this novella focuses on the daughters of an undertaker in the USA, in the 1920s and 30s. For them, death is a part of everyday life. The story is also about identity, how in different ways, the girls and their mother are determined not to succumb to the wishes of others when personal tragedy affects their lives. I was rooting for them all the way. And that is further testament to Daniel’s skills as a writer.
~ Jude Higgins, The Chemist’s House

In A Family of Great Falls, the eponymous town is home to siblings Willie and Jeanette and parents, Pearl and Henry. It is 1928 and Henry owns the local funeral parlour. The family are on the cusp of change; prosperity and social standing beckon, but there is indeed, a fall ahead. This novella is a triumph, showing the range of the form to encompass an epic tragedy, the minutiae of personal grief and resilience, and moves across decades with the lightest of touches. I was utterly absorbed.
~ Alison Woodhouse, The House on the Corner

Two sisters growing up with a sense of the potential promise that life may hold, as well as the dark realities that are unavoidable with a father who, as an undertaker, is the ‘keeper of the dead’ and a brother buried in the town cemetery. Oh, and a name that must be buried and farewelled, too. Tender but not sentimental, this is a balanced set of stories that reveal the bonds of sisterhood and the way two young girls face the hardest challenges.
~ Michelle Elvy, the other side of better and the everrumble

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-47-6; 133mm x 203mm; 132pp

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Things I Can’t Tell Amma : Sudha Balagopal

A highly addictive read! I picked up Things I Can’t Tell Amma just for a taster first, and then I finished it in two reading bursts. It’s a moving novella-in-flash about the compromises a young woman has to make in order to survive and fit in a new country — but also, how she never forgets what truly matters and where she comes from.
~ Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods.

There are many things that 22-year-old Deepa can’t tell her mother back in India now that she’s studying in Arizona. There are things she can’t tell the unfriendly librarian, or her shady professor, or her Indian would-be suitor, or the typist who sells her a typewriter, or prospective employers, but she’d like to tell her neighbor Theo how she feels about him. You’ll fall in love with Deepa as her story unfolds in these fifteen finely wrought flash. Warm, funny, and endearing, Sudha Balagopal’s Things I Can’t Tell Amma is a brilliant novella-in-flash, by a writer at the top of her form.
~ Jacqueline Doyle, author of The Missing Girl.

Told from the perspective of Deepa, a young woman who arrives as a stranger in a new country, Things I Can’t Tell Amma is an inventive novella-in-flash that explores how one navigates strange cultural norms and a yearning to belong. Even as this narrator tries to move on from her mother’s expectations, she finds her new life bewildering, adventurous, and full of heartbreak and love. Balagopal is a virtuoso of expressing the minutiae of things. A trapped quail finds its nest, the missing letter of a typewriter, the notes of a jingle from the 1980s, a limp doll hangs from a rearview mirror. This sensational novella is a gift you will want to unwrap again and again.
~ Dan Crawley, author of Straight Down the Road and The Wind, It Swirls

In this affecting novella in flash, a young woman leaves India to study in America. Balagopal expertly captures the tug between yearning for the familiar and wanting to find one’s place in a new world. In one flash, “The Missing I” Deepa buys a used typewriter for her term papers, only to find a broken key. When she complains, the vendor says: “Just write the damned ‘I’ in.” A clever metaphor for Deepa’s journey. The ambiguous ending left me hoping Deepa finds a way to “build a bridge across oceans.”
~ Damhnait Monaghan, author of The Neverlands, best novella 2020 Saboteur Awards.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-35-3; 133mm x 203mm; 68pp

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The Evolution of Birds : Sara Hills

In The Evolution of Birds, Sara Hills demonstrates her mastery of the short form as well as her deep understanding of the human condition. More than once I found myself holding my breath while reading these short, sharp miracles of narrative. These tiny stories, some no longer than half a page, glitter darkly, expose truths with precision and guts. Wild and raw and compellingly electric, Hills’s stories and the characters who inhabit them, will sear themselves into your heart and brain. Hills is an inimitable talent.
~ Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2002-2018

Sara Hills’ The Evolution of Birds bursts with addictive, kinetic prose crafted by a writer with a confident vision and the precision of a surgeon. Each of these narratives proves that fully imagined characters can evolve on a single page. Hills plumbs the depths and the horrors of family, religion, and the sinister moments of youth. This is the flash narrative at its finest.
~ Christopher Allen, editor of SmokeLong Quarterly

The Evolution of Birds is an extraordinary debut. In a series of riveting stories, Sara Hills immerses us deeply into the often precarious lives of girls and women — children, very young women and mothers. Hills’ style is intimate, we’re close up to life-changing experiences. Her exact, startling images sear through to truths hard to tell. There is humour too and an inventive use of form. A must-read collection.
~ Jude Higgins, author of The Chemist’s House

There is a space where your breath catches in anticipation or fear or joy. Sara Hills finds that place with her debut flash fiction collection. Drawing readers in with each story, her words catch breath and life and death and grief. On each page, she serves up new images and descriptions that dig into souls, emotional and heart-rending. Each story nestles in and doesn’t let go – from mommy tigers to knitting a better mother, the relationships between life and words, the expected and the surreal create instantly-recognizable Sara Hills prose. Evocative and evolved, each story challenges the flash form and ideas with breath-catching storytelling. Hills’ chapbook could easily have been titled The Evolution of Flash.
~ Amy Barnes, author of Mother Figures

Sara Hills is a writer of extraordinary skill. For some time, I’ve considered her to be one of my favourite flash writers and her debut collection The Evolution of Birds confirms my view. This beautifully-crafted collection should not be missed.
~ Diane Simmons, author of Finding a Way

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-24-7; 133mm x 203mm; 136pp

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Inside Fictional Minds : Dr Stephanie Carty

‘As a psychological thriller author I found this book both educational and inspiring; such a useful resource to help writers create intriguing, authentic characters – and maybe learn something about themselves too.’
~Jackie Kabler, author of the Cora Baxter Mysteries, Am I Guilty? and The Perfect Couple.

‘An invaluable guide to creating authentic characters by peeling back the layers and searching for the ‘why’ that lies behind all our actions. I have really enjoyed applying psychological theory to creative intuition, led by Stephanie’s accessible approach to creating believable, motivated characters.’
~Sarah Steele, author of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon and The Schoolteacher of Saint-Michel

‘What are the subliminal influences that really drive a character? How can these be revealed in a way that pulls the reader in and keeps the pages turning? In Inside Fictional Minds Dr Stephanie Carty offers an insightful, easy-to-read guide for all writers seeking to create believable characters who keep us gripped by their choices.’
~Jane Bailey, author of Sorry Isn’t Good Enough and Larksong

Inside Fictional Minds is an accessible and invaluable tool for any writer of fiction wanting to get underneath their character’s skin. Packed with psychological insights into motive, reason and desire, it’ll have you unravelling the intricacies of being human in new and exciting ways.’
~Hannah Persaud, award-winning short story writer and author of The Codes of Love

‘A truly exceptional book, a classic in the making. It offers unique insights into human psychology that are easy to apply to fiction writing, but that also taught me a lot about myself. Inside Fictional Minds is a journey of discovery.’
~Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods, longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-45-2; 133mm x 203mm; 132pp

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the other side of better : Michelle Elvy

Fresh: yes! Authentic: yes! Poetic: yes! Brilliant: yes!! Here, with Michelle Elvy’s the other side of better, are wise reflections cast through refracted light. Here is the scent of the sea, the rift and grit of childhood. Here is an absorbing cinematic poetry in the telling – breathtakingly honest and elegant stories (personal, yet universal) about how we live, how we struggle and, most enduringly, how we thrive. A wondrous collection!
~ Robert Scotellaro, author of What Are the Chances?; co-editor of New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction

Well-turned stories, rich with wit and detail, that explore the spaces between people and places, from the ‘concrete weight’ of history to the secrets of creeks, islands and oceans
~ Paula Morris, author of False River and co-author of Shining Land: Looking for Robin Hyde

Michelle Elvy needs no more than this, the smallest white spaces in which to swim the waters between story and poem with humour, colour, imagination and a sharp grace. Elvy watches and listens to her characters, and the places they dance in, bringing us the darkly joyous truth of life’s uncertainties and love’s ambiguities.
~ Tania Hershman, author of and what if we were all allowed to disappear and How High Did She Fly?

The poems and stories in the other side of better hopscotch gingerly between wanderlust and rootedness, desire and exhaustion, memories of reality and dreams of the impossible. This is how Elvy gets you, by luring you in with one wonder and then giving you another. And the trick is never the same twice. This is a collection that surprises not just because it can, but because it understands the surprises of the world.
~ Erik Kennedy, author of There’s No Place Like the Internet in Springtime

Modern, humane and pacy… the other side of better is a gorgeous collection about love, the environment, and the things that make people devour and deify each other.
~ Nuala O’Connor, author of NORA, Mother America and The Juno Charm

To read Elvy’s work is to move closer to discovery – is to find a larger view of possibility.
~ Sam Rasnake, author of World within the World and Cinema Verité

These unique stories of love and dreams and oceanic epiphanies could only come alive at the hand of Michelle Elvy. It is a delight to see how she plays with the form and bends it to her will.
~ Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

the other side of better teems with innovative, intimate adventures, each a microcosm of humanity made capacious through Michelle Elvy’s sharp, unique lens.
~ Christopher Allen, Editor of SmokeLong Quarterly

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-02-5; 133mm x 203mm; 172pp

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Echoes in a Hollow Space : Ruth Skrine

For all its small scale, Echoes in a Hollow Space has the heft and reach of a saga. It traces the lives of two women of different generations, both damaged but neither fragile, and the bond that develops between them. The story is anchored in place and time, interweaving natural imagery with narrative. Though it offers no easy solutions, it is grounded in hope.
~Jenny Woodhouse, Creative Writing Group Leader, U3A, Bath

I thoroughly enjoyed Echoes in a Hollow Space. In her debut novella-in-flash, Ruth Skrine has created engaging characters and a compelling narrative. After finishing the novella, I frequently found myself thinking about the complex characters of Evie and Annabel, finding myself missing them both.
~Diane Simmons, author of An Inheritance V.Press (2020)

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-22-3; 133mm x 203mm; 102pp

£10.99 GBP

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The Yet Unknowing World : Fiona J. Mackintosh

“These stories by Fiona J. Mackintosh are miniature masterpieces, resonating far beyond the pages they inhabit. Mackintosh’s pen is assured, her vision clear-eyed yet compassionate. Like the paintings of Edward Hopper, The Yet Unknowing World invites us all to peer into the dark, quiet corners of human yearning and to connect with the flawed, aching beauty of our own hearts.”
~Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

The Yet Unknowing World delights in bringing the reader on gorgeous, rippling voyages to Tahiti, Scotland, Greece, and beyond. In this collection, Fiona J. Mackintosh blindsides the reader, over and over, with the beauty of her imagination. We think we are one place and, suddenly, we’re lifted from the mundanity of care homes and supermarkets into a glorious elsewhere. Some of the journeys in these stories end poignantly, but many more culminate in joy. Simply stunning.”
~Nuala O’Connor, author of Birdie

“This is the world seen differently by an exceptionally gifted writer. These are stories hell-bent on over-stepping their boundaries, and many take on added significance from the stories that surround them. It is these unexpected links that make reading this collection such an exhilarating experience. There is an astonishing historical imagination at play as the writer takes us beyond the canvas with great insight and sensitivity. The writing is so artful it will carry you off on its own wings.”
~Annemarie Neary, author of Siren and The Orphans

The Yet Unknowing World is a debut flash collection of restrained poignancy and beauty. Mackintosh’s economy of language, stunning sensory detail, and gift for simple, declarative narration beam the reader directly into every moment. Each story is wildly delicious, erotically mysterious, and fiercely compelling. We are in the hands of a word-painter whose mastery of character, image, and language suspends our disbelief with every brushstroke. There are emotional tapestries woven into every story, whether historical, futuristic, contemporary, or ekphrastic. Mackintosh’s stories read like lyrical celebrations of being alive.”
~Meg Pokrass, author of The Loss Detector, series co-editor, Best Microfiction

“These stories flash like lightning over the ocean, a wine bottle in the moonlight, a blade at high noon. You will be dazzled by the breadth of subject, the brevity of wit, and the depth of feeling. Mackintosh masters the form and takes you round the world.”
~Keith Donohue, New York Times bestselling author of The Stolen Child

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-06-3; 133mm x 203mm; 108pp

£11.99 GBP

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Gaps in the Light : Iona Winter

Gaps in the Light uses form in innovative ways to express deeply the experience of loss and joy in ways I can’t remember reading anywhere else. Nothing is binary here – everything feels multidimensional, so perfectly complicated, like echoes off multiple surfaces. It’s simply astounding!
~ Pip Adam, author of Nothing to See, The New Animals, I’m Working on a Building, and Everything We Hoped For

To read this work is to enter the forest as an elemental being, and then feel the loss of that forest. The lover, the bereft and the broken are here. It’s a journey of close attention, pain, rage and truth revealed as the path is taken. Gaps in the Light is compassionate, deeply chanted music.
~ Kirstie McKinnon, author of Songs from the Water

Gaps in the Light burns with fierce emotion; multiple voices float in and out until the whole text becomes hypnotic and taut … revealing the depths, nuances and complexities of love in all its forms with an utterly-earned intensity. Iona Winter asks you to stare directly into her eyes … be warned, she won’t blink first.
~ Helen Lehndorf, author of The Comforter and Write to the Centre

Paperback ISBN 978-1-912095-04-9; 133mm x 203mm; 110pp

£11.99 GBP

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Restore to Factory Settings : Bath Flash Fiction Volume Five

Our fifth yearly anthology contains micro fictions by writers from all over the world. 136 stories covering many subjects and themes – some focussing on dramas within family relationships, some politically themed or about war, others spanning whole life times and longer. All in 300 words and under – the real, the surreal and the experimental. So much inventiveness and so much to read and enjoy.

“Reading the fifty long listed flashes I received, I knew these stories were – are – loved by their authors. But they were also so much more than that. Each story had its own distinct quality, its own voice, its own style and structure. Each had sentences I underlined and words I circled. Not knowing what I was looking for, I found everything.”
~Santino Prinzi, author of This Alone Could Save Us

“… I read a lot of flash and when I read the BFFA long list I thought there had to be some mistake, I must be reading the short list instead of the long list, so high was the quality of the work I was looking at. This made the judging process incredibly enjoyable on the one hand – to see so much variety, so much stimulating and original work, a wonderful willingness to experiment, and on the other hand, so difficult to choose.”
~Mary Jane Holmes, author of Don’t Tell the Bees

“It’s been a pleasure reading these pieces, the quality indicates how well contributors craft their stories, producing shining gems of literature that demonstrate this genre is not alone alive and well, but thriving. The range of topics and styles on offer show practitioners of this form can still find something fresh, or interpret ideas in a novel way.”
~Nod Ghosh, author of Filthy Sucre

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-912095-10-0, 133mm x 203mm, 262 pages.

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The Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2020

Political turmoil and a raging pandemic might have marked 2020 as a year to forget but in this anthology you’ll find memorable stories to transport you to different worlds, all celebrating the resilience of human nature.

“I appreciated the variety here, be it in voice, form, mood, setting, or time period. Some stories had a literal magical twist; for others the magic was in conjuring a whole world of emotion and humanity in less than 2,200 words. Every single story exhibited a mastery of the written word, and it was tough to choose.”
~The 2020 Judge, Kate Johnson, MacKenzie Wolf Literary Agency.

Paperback, ISBN 978-1-912095-08-7, 133mm x 203mm, 182 pages.

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