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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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110 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Aditi Goswami, Alastair Stirring, Amadea Caruso, Ann-e-Fasahat Shah, Ashley Stassen, Ben Miller, Carol Leggatt, Carolyn Ward, Cathy Cade, Cathy Rushworth, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Cheryl Powell, Christina Taylor, Christine Hayes, Christine Nedahl, Colin Alcock, David Silver, Deanna Salser, Deborah Ballantyne, Declan Tatam, Donna Frances Thomson, Doris Winn, Drew Dunlop, Elaine Mead, Elijah Saleby, Ellen Kirkman, Erica Rocca, Fikret Kurt, Franklin E. E. Kelly, Gaia Sicolo, Gill james, Goldilox, Hannah Whiteoak, Heather Nicholls, Hilary Taylor, If Onyia, Isabel Flynn, Jacques Groen, Jane Goff, Jay Bee, Jill Barber, Jody Kish, John Cooper, John harkin, Jon N Grover, JP Seabright, Julia Rose, K Olukoya, Kathryn Dixon, Kay Kingsley, Kereen Getten, Klaus Kluge, L.F. Lazenby, Lara F., Laura Besley, Laura Oliver, Leonie Harrison, Les Pedrick, linda Dewhurst, Linda Grierson-Irish, Lisa Lange, Liz Berg, Lola Barron, Louise Cato, Louise Mangos, Maggie Rogers, Mahdi Ahmadian, Malcolm Richardson, Margaret Dickson, Marissa Hoffmann, Matthew C. McLean, Michael Rumsey, Min, Miriam Mitchell-Bennett, Mitja Lovše, Mohamed Ismail, Moray McGowan, Morgan Parks, Morgen Bailey, Morgyn Marshall, Nancy Zielinski, Neha Jahanzeb, Nick Jaster, Nicola Jennings, Pat Mudge, Patrick Christian Rudnicki, Paula Puolakka, Penny Ives, Peter J Marcroft, Peter J. Corbally, Rebecca Field, Rebecca Povall, Rhiannon Willson, Richard Kemp, Roppotucha Greenberg, Roz Mascall, S.B. Borgersen, Sarah Trevail, Saryne Diyas, Simon Gadd, Steven John, Steven O. Young Jr., Stuart Atkinson, Sue Johnson, Susan Carey, Susi J Smith, Sylvia Petter, Temitope Johnson-Toyin, Thomas Malloch, Yusriy Charles
14th November 2018