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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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62 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Carol Leggatt, Catherine Howard, Christine Collinson, Christine Hayes, Christine Nedahl, Clara Mok, Colin Alcock, Craig Anderson, Crilly O'Neil, Danny Beusch, David Cook, Eleanor Marvin, Gemma Callaghan, Hilary Taylor, J.R. Bournville, Jay Bee, Jeanette Lowe, Jeffrey H. Toney, John Dapolito, John Murphy, Joshua Lingard-Smith, Julie Johnson, Kelly Griffiths, Ken Frape, kerry rawlinson, Lesley Dargie, Linda Woodhams, Lindsay Bamfield, Lisa Zang, Louise Mangos, Lynda Kirby, M.D. Jayabalan, Madeline Hultquist, Maggie Shelton, Marjory Woodfield, Mark Sadler, Mary Davies, Matthew McLean, Maura Yzmore, Michael Rumsey, Michael Stewart, Mitja Lovše, Patsy Corbett, Philippa Bowe, Rishee Batra, Robin Hanning, Rory Chad Bouffe, Rosanna Wood, Russell Shoebridge, Ryan Mooney, S. Clay Sparkman, S.B. Borgersen, Sally Robinson, Samuel Dodson, Sankar Chatterjee, Sarah McDermott, Serena Seaside, Steven John, Susan Carey, Tessa Vanderkop, Tom Manson, Trasie Sands
22nd November 2017