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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

A Polite Reminder
While we encourage writers to share that they are in the eBook, to preserve voting anonymity we ask that writers do not identify themselves with their particular piece.
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Amanda Garnham, Amanda Lomas, Amy B. Moreno, Andrew Tate, Anne Summerfield, Athina Antoniou, Avijit Roy, B F Jones, Carol Leggatt, Cathy De'Freitas, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Christine Nedahl, Colin Alcock, Daniel Clark, Duncan Hedges, Ellen Kirkman, Frank Trautman, Gemma Rainne, Grace Williams, Hannah Whiteoak, Jen Neller, Jenny Woodhouse, John Cooper, John Ogunlade, Joyce Bingham, JP Sanders, Juliet Bowler, Justin Magro, K E Olukoya, K. J. Watson, Karen Walker, Kate Bea, Katheryne McMullen, Kay Sandry, Kent Swarts, Kirsty Clark, Les Pedrick, Linda Grierson-Irish, Louise Mangos, Maira Bakenova, Malcolm Richardson, Margaret Kiernan, Mark Anthony Smith, Mark DeSade, Mark Mcalinden, Marlene H Pitcher, Martina Kontos, Matthew C. McLean, Michael John Simms, Michael Rumsey, Mitja Lovše, Nick Black, Philip Sobell, Robin Tones, Roshna Rusiniya, Rozanna Alfred, Ruth Skrine, S.B. Borgersen, Sara Mobarak, Sara Partington, Sharna Young, Sharon Boyle, Shelley Syposz, Simcha, Soundarya Rajagopal, Sue Johnson, Sylvia Petter, T. Luxton
4th Dec 2019