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96 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Alice Lavren, Ann Sullivan, Anne Summerfield, Annie Rose, Ashley Stassen, Ben Sears, Benjamin Olsen, Bill Cox, C. Billingsley Adams, Carol Leggatt, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Christine Nedahl, Colin Alcock, CR Smith, Crystal McNeil, Cynthiya, Damhnait Monaghan, Debbie Enever, E.C. Andrew, Ebba Aquila, Eileen Merriman, Elaine Mead, Ellen Kirkman, Emily Weatherburn, Emma De Vito, Ergene Kim, Gillian M Seed, Harry Covert, Hilary Ayshford, Holly Betsworth, Holly Hale, Holly Kilmister, Ian Marshall, irene Joseph, Isabel Flynn, Jan Kaneen, Jan McCarthy, Jay Bee, Jeanette Everson, Jenny Gaitskell, Joe Lawrence, John Cooper, John Dapolito, John Kilmurray, John Murphy, Justin Rulton, K Rhosair, Kathryn Evans, Lara Sams, Lesley Anne Truchet, Louise Mangos, Lynda Kirby, Malcolm Richardson, Mandy Thorley, Marcus Vance, Marissa Hoffmann, Mary Clark, Mary Davies, Michael Carter, Michael Pickard, Michael Rumsey, Michele Bartlett, Mitja Lovše, Monica Ann Weir, Morgan Cologgi, Nancy Zielinski, Natasha Barclay, Nicole Powers, Orb, Peter Jordan, Pola Mazur, Rachel Sambrooks, Reid W. Pickett, Richard Kemp, Ross Fraser-Smith, Rozanna Alfred, Ruth Kurowski, Ryan Yarber, S.B. Borgersen, Sally Cotton, Sally Davies, Samuel Yaw, Sara Kenny, Sarah Hill Wheeler, Sergio Cuffles, Shirley Golden, Sophie Watson, Steven O. Young Jr., Stuart Atkinson, Sue Johnson, Sue Partridge, Susan Carey, Suzanne Baldwin, Tia Ja'nae, Trasie Sands, Virginia Muze
18th April 2018