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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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77 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Anja Lovše, Anne Summerfield, B F Jones, Bethan Lloyd, Bethan Lloyd, Camilla Dietrich, Carol Leggatt, Carolyn Ward, Cathy Cade, Ceinwen E Ca, Chris Law, Claire Smith, Colin Alcock, Deanna Salser, E. K. Wang, Eddy Glass, Elizabeth Coby, Ellen Kirkman, Frank Trautman, Grace Cahill, Hannah Whiteoak, Heather Jane Geary, Heather Nicholls, Helen Matthews, Holly Kilmister, Holly Todd, If Onyia, Isabel Flynn, J N Grover, Jacques Groen, James Christie, Jay Bee, Jenny Woodhouse, Jessica Andreatta, John Cooper, John Harkin, Kay Kingsley, Ken Frape, Kevin Fildes, Kim Allen, kimlea94, Klaus Kluge, L Spooner, Laini Foster, Leonie Stirwoods, Les Pedrick, linda Dewhurst, Lindsay Bamfield, Liz Berg, Louise Mangos, Maesie Mae, Malcolm Richardson, Max Cantrell, Michael Rumsey, Min, Miriam Mitchell-Bennett, Mitja Lovše, Mohamed Mahmoud Ismail, Moray McGowan, Nancy Zielinski, Pat Mudge, Paula Puolakka, S.B. Borgersen, Sara MacLeod, Sarah Mosedale, Shaun Griffiths, Shirley Muir, Steven O. Young Jr., Stuart Atkinson, Sue Johnson, ThatCharlotte, Thomas Malloch, Tiffany Bray, Tomas Beranek, Travis Cravey, Victoria Clarke, Wendy Kelly
12th December 2018