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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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88 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

A. E. Praytor, Abigail Curry, Afrah Shekh, Alex Daniels, Alexandra Nicholson, Allison Lamberth, Andre Leite, Becky Spence, Benita Kape, Cal Craven Francis, Camilla Johansson, Carol Leggatt, Ceinwen Elizabeth Cariad Haydon, Chad Munger, Chris Espenshade, Christine Collinson, Christine Hayes, Christine Nedahl, Claire Smith, Colin Alcock, CR Smith, Cristina Bresser, Danielle del Castillo, Edith knight Adhiambo Ochieng, Elaine Dillon, Fern Bryant, Fran Byron, Frank Trautman, Franklin E. E. Kelly, Geraldine McCarthy, Gita V. Reddy, Hannah Whiteoak, Helen Buckroyd, Holly Betsworth, Holly Kilmister, Irene Joseph, Jacqueline Carter, James Cunningham, Jay Bee, Jeanette Everson, Jenny Woodhouse, Julie Johnson, Justin Rulton, Kate Bavister, Kate Jones, Ken Frape, Kholood Azz, Laura Besley, Laura Kuhlmann, Lesley Dargie, Linda Grierson-Irish, Louise Mangos, Lynda Kirby, Maddy Hamley, Marc Casson, Marjan Sierhuis, Mark Stewart, Marlene Pitcher, Mary Clark, Mary Davies, Matthew C. McLean, Michael Pickard, Michael Rumsey, Michael Stewart, Monique Lennon, Morgyn E. Marshall, Nick Fairclough, Oliver Tong, Pam Coull, Philippa Bowe, RD Rogers, Rebecca Field, Richard Warner, Rosanna Wood, Ruth Skrine, S.B. Borgersen, Sally Robinson, Scott Dukette, Shammah Hove, Steven John, Stuart Atkinson, Sue Partridge, Susan Carey, Tiffany Porter, Tim Hawkins, Tim Hayes, V.C. Sharma, Yeray Ruyman
21st February 2018