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82 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Aditi Goswami, Alexander Black, Andrea Power, Angela P Googh, Becca Tulley, bernard lord, C. S. Begu, Carol Leggatt, Catherine Edmunds, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Charlotte O'Farrell, Christine Bigley, Christine Nedahl, Claire Joicey, Clara Mok, Colin Alcock, D Halloran, D.Thurman, Dan Crawley, David Silver, Davina Jackson, Debbi Voisey, Delvon T. Mattingly, Doris Winn, Edward Mortenson, Elaine Mead, Elaine Sheridan, Ellen Kirkman, Emily Hague, Emmanuel Lore, Farah Tiwana, Frank Trautman, Gabriela Iacovano, Gill Kirkland, Hannah Whiteoak, Helen Matthews, Hilary Ayshford, If Onyia, Isabel Flynn, J.R. Bournville, Jan Brown, Jay Bee, Jeanette Everson, Jemma Morriss, Jessica Andreatta, Jody Kish, John Cooper, Joyce Wheatley, Kieran Judge, L Dawkins, Leanne Drain, Leonard Goggin, Les Pedrick, Linda Grierson-Irish, Lindsay Bamfield, Liz Quigley, Louise Mangos, Malcolm Richardson, Marissa Hoffmann, Mark Warren, Matthew C. McLean, Mercy Godwin, Michael Rumsey, Nancy Zielinski, Paul Purnell, Peter J. Corbally, Poppy Hawkins, Richard Kemp, Ruth Skrine, S.B. Borgersen, Sally Cotton, Sarah Edghill, Steven O. Young Jr., Stuart Atkinson, Sue Johnson, Susan Carey, Sylvia Petter, Tiffany Bray, Tina Edwards, Umrah, Valerie Fish, Vicky Price
19th September 2018