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Welcome to our latest weekly edition of Ad Hoc Fiction. To showcase our writers' talent and for your reading pleasure, we have built an interactive eBook. Choose your own reading preferences; font style, text size, text alignment. Come and go as you please; your current page and preferences are all auto-saved. Read and vote for your favourite fictions to decide our next winner. Become inspired to create your own works. And when you're done voting, why not write and submit your own piece? It's free. No logging in, no signing up, no registration.
Every week, the highest voted writer wins free entry to the £1400 prize fund Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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59 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Alex Black, alex stivaros, Alexander Cox, Alva Holland, Anne Summerfield, Annie Dyer, Arthur Unk, Bill Cox, Callum Marquez, Carol Leggatt, Caysey Sloan, Chris Hayes, Christine Nedahl, Claire Allen, Clara Mok, Clay Sparkman, Colin Alcock, Deborah Ballantyne, Donna Frances Thomson, Eleanor Marvin, Emma J Myatt, Frank Trautman, genesis anntice, Hannah Whiteoak, J L Randall, Jacqueline Carter, James Dunford, Janelle Hardacre, Jet Vevers, John Dapolito, John Murphy, Julia Paillier, Julie Goldberg, Kate Jones, Kholood Azzouz, Lesley Dargie, Linda Woodhams, Lisa Zang, Louise Mangos, Lynda Kirby, M.D. Jayabalan, Maggie Shelton, Marjory Woodfield, Mary Davies., Michael Rumsey, Michael Stewart, Mitja Lovše, Philip Charter, Poppy Crossland, Rahman the Writer, Rebecca Field, Rosanna Wood, S.B. Borgersen, Sally Robinson, Sankar Chatterjee, Steven John, Susan Carey, T V Maitland, Vyara Kozareva
13thth December 2017