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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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61 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Alva Holland, Bill Cox, Brutus Richmond, Bryan Thomas, Carol Leggatt, Charles Wood, Cheryl Nicol, Christine Nedahl, Claire Allinson, Clara Mok, Cristina Bresser, Dave Murray, Dean Hodsfry, Ellen Baker, Emma J Myatt, Fiza H., Gem Rascop, Hannah Whiteoak, Heather, Ivy Brooke, Jack Fisher, Jan Kaneen, Jay Bee, Jeremiah Telzrow, John Dapolito, John Murphy, Klaus Kluge, Laura Besley, Lee Hamblin, Lesley Dargie, Linda Woodhams, Lisa Zang, Louise Mangos, M.D. Jayabalan, Maggie Shelton, Mark Sadler, Mary Davies, Mary Thompson, Michael Rumsey, Mitja Lovše, Morna Clements, Paul M Clark, peter lillywhite, Philip Charter, Rahman the Writer, ray trzaska, Rebecca Field, River A Stillwood, Robert Buckalew, Robina Beattie, Ronald Guell, Rosanna Wood, S.B. Borgersen, Simon Gadd, Sophie Watson, Sowmya Ramkumar, Susan Carey, Suzi C, Sylvia Petter, Verity Dorsett, William Bain
11th October 2017