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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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53 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Ana Gardner, Bill Cox, Carol Leggatt, Chad Munger, Christine Nedahl, Clara Mok, CR Smith, Crilly O'Neil, Daniel Beaumont, Dave Murray, Debra Fertig, Eleanor Jones, Emily Weatherburn, Emma De Vito, Fatima Saeed, Fran Egan, Gregory Kane, Hannah Whiteoak, Hilary Taylor, Jack Redmond, Jackie Shylan, Jeremy Hinchliff, John Dapolito, Justin Rulton, Kelsey Josephson, Laura Besley, Laura Morgan, Laura Tidswell, Louise Mangos, M. M. Bygrove, M.D. Jayabalan, Maria Fedorova, Mary Davies, Michael Rumsey, Mitja Lovše, Nicola Kean, Nicola Wallace, Paul Curtis, Philip Charter, Rj.Saxon, Rosanna Wood, Roz Levens, S..B. Borgersen, Sam Baggott, Sankar Chatterjee, Seanen Deatach, Steve Ward, Steven Stucko, Susan Carey, Sylvia Petter, Tega Majemite, Thomas Malloch, Vanessa Richards
19th July 2017