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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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100 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Abigail Rowe, Akindu Perera, alison woodhouse, Allison Lamberth, Andrea Case, Angela Lanyon, angela readman, Ben Pearson, Benjamin Olsen, Bill Cox, Camilla Johansson, Carol Leggatt, Catherine Gaffney, Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon, Celia Jenkins, Charis Fox, Chloe Ewart, Christine Nedahl, Claire Jenkins, Clara Mok, Colette Hill, Colin Alcock, CR Smith, Crystal McNeil, Damhnait Monaghan, Denice Penrose, Edel Williams, Elaine Dillon, Ellen Kirkman, Emma De Vito, Ergene Kim, Fern Bryant, Franca Basta, Gayle Andrews, Geoff Holme, Gill Kirkland, Hannah Whiteoak, Harry Covert, Helen Z., Hilary Ayshford, Ibrahim Salihu, Irene mackintosh, Jack Klausner, Jan Brown, Jay Bee, Jeanette Everson, Jenny Woodhouse, John Cooper, John Murphy, Joyce Wheatley, Julie Goodswen, Julie Johnson, Kate Chapman, Kathryn Evans, Keelah Rose Calloway, Laura Geall, Laura Ward-Smith, Lesley Anne Truchet, Linda Grierson-Irish, Lindsay Bamfield, Lola Barron, Louise Mangos, Mahesh Nair, Malcolm Richardson, Mandy Thorley, Maria Oceja, Marissa Hoffmann, Mary Davies, Michael Ewins, Michael Pickard, Michael Rumsey, Michelle Clark, Nancy Zielinski, Natalie Pearson, Nicole Powers, Oliver Tong, Paul Jenkins, Peter J.Corbally, Reid W. Pickett, Richard Kemp, Robson, Ronnie Calithilben, Rozanna Alfred, Ryan Yarber, S.B., S.B. Borgersen, Sally Cotton, Sally Davies, Sarah Hill Wheeler, Shaun Grean, Shirley Golden, Steven O. Young Jr., Stuart Atkinson, Sue Johnson, Susan Carey, Thomas malloch, Tim Hawkins, Tim Hayes, Vicky Nolan, Woody McBain
25th April 2018