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The highest voted writer wins free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award.

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58 fictions


With thanks to all the writers who have made this issue possible.

Alexander MJ Smith, Alva Holland, Andrea Harman, B.G. Drummer, Bill Cox, Caitlin Thomas-Aubin, Carol Leggatt, Claire Nowell, Claire Smith, D. Milne, Dave Murray, David Goodman, David North, Destany shaw, Diane Knight, E.C. Andrew, Emma Branwen, Erik D'Souza, Eve Adams, Gemma Callaghan, Glenda Young, Iain Rowan, James Leigh, Jane Carrick, Jeanette Lowe, Jena Carlson, Joanne Clague, Jodie Waller, John Dapolito, John Gorman, Joy Stephenson, Kate Finegan, kerry rawlinson, Kieron Circuit, Kirsty Holmes, Laura Besley, Lee Nicholson, Les Schreiben, Louise Mangos, Mabel Simpson, Mandy Zeelie, Marie Gracie, Martha Mazda, Mary Thompson, Matthew McLean, Mike Ashcroft, Miranda Harris, Philip Charter, Rebecca Emin, RJD, Rosie Wilde, Roz Levens, S.B. Borgersen, Scarlett Sauvage, Sian Brighal, Siobhan Denton, Steven John, Sue Lovejoy
15th February 2017